Daedo International / Taekwondo Training shoes


ZA 2024
New KIX Shoes Our shoes are soft and comfortable to wear. They are made with microfiber to give a light feeling when walking.  Thanks to the "KIX" laces, you can easily adjust the size to fit your foot. This ensures a snug and comfortable fit. Discover how they can adapt to you and respect your feet.
The Outsole: The 3 circles on the front and the logo at the back help the athlete turn and move better. The texture of the outsole provides a uniform grip. The asymmetric sides are designed to improve flexibility and stability. Elastic Mesh: The combination of adaptable materials provide a comfortable and breathable wear. Symmetric Embossing: The instep...

ZA 2334 - Zori Sandals

Sole made of hard foam and covered with straw Color: Black & Beige Size: 34-45

Rhythmic Gymnastics Shoes

ZA2524/ ZA2534
Zapatillas Leather sole. Simple and ergonomic design. Composition: Leatherette Color: Black Size: 26-36
ZA 3020 - "Kick" Kids Shoes...
Available in 2-3 weeks
Kick children's shoes without laces. Comfortable to put on and take off  Color: Black Size: 25-36 - In no case is it individual protective equipment (IPE), as it offers no guarantee of protection against impact or surface damage.
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