Shin and Instep Guard

REF: PR 1582
From €26.45
For all Martial Arts. Detachable instep guard. Resistant and durable Composition: Molded foam with PU outer layer  Color: White & Black Size: XS-XL

Forearm MITT

REF: PR 1720
From €28.10
With three straps. Easy to handle Composition: Made of hard leatherette and high denstiy foam Color: Black

Coaching MITT

REF: PR 1615
From €20.66
Special for speed training of hits to one or two hands. Very resistant  Composition: PU outer layer padded with hard foam  Color: Black

Kicking Shield Large

REF: PR 1141
From €47.11
Composition: Storng Sponge and PVC  Color: Red & Black Size: 75 x 35 x 15 cm

Dummy Stand Bag Large

REF: PR 2603
Based hard plastic to be fill with water Fixed Height: 174 cm PRODUCT NOT SUITABLE FOR SALE ON THE INTERNET. REQUEST QUOTE

Dummy Stand Bag Adjustable

REF: PR 2604
From €274.38
Hard plastic base to be filled with water Adjustable to different heights of 140-165 cm

Plank to Break 1,2 CM

REF: VA 3022
From €2.48
For exhibitions Composition: Wood Color: Wood Size: 1,2 cms

Plank to Break 2 CM

REF: VA 3023
From €3.31
For exhibitions Composition: Wood Color: Wood Size: 2 cms
Basic Poomsae instruction book. (1-8) The Poomesaes we present in the first book, from 1 to 8, are the so-called basics of Taekwondo, which are essential from the early grades to the black belt. In this book they appear as they should be performed, according to the highest standards within the WT, World Taekwondo Federation. We couldn"t have had better...

Taekwondo Personal Defense

REF: LI 1014
Self defense in taekwondo and other martial arts. Techinques Interpersonal relationships between referees, coaches and athletes Nº of pages: 265 Dimensions: 20,5 x 29 cms   

Book Poomsae "Kukkiwon"

REF: LI 1022
Book Poomsae "Kukkiwon" The Textbook of Taekwondo Poomsae. The best guide for trainers, practitioners and anyone who wants to train Taekwondo poomsae. Text in Castilian, supervised by: Laura Kim Kim (World Champion 2012 and European poomsaes 2013) and Master Kim Jeong Cheol.

Special "Shiai" Karategi

REF: KA1150
From €38.84
14 Oz Karategi. Great texture and quality. Very resistant finish. Modern and smart pattern. Long jacket and long cuts on both sides. Very comfortable, lightweight and resistant. Recommended for Kata Competitors Composition: 100% Cotton Color: White Size: 1-8
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