In the practice of martial arts it is important to have both the proper clothing and the correct protections to avoid future injuries. In the case of Kumite, several protections are necessary and Daedo offers them, both homologated and from our brand.

Below you can find gloves with or without fingers for Karate, necessary for competitions, the KPRO2011 model is the most sold for these events.

Besides gloves you will need chest protectors such as the KPRO 2019 for women and the KPRO 20216 for men.

As for the tibia protection we offer different approved shin guards such as the KPRO 2012.You will need a mouth guard to protect your teeth and jaw, a chest protector and the specific protection for the genital area.

At Daedo we have official protections approved by the WKF for competition, we have them in different sizes and in both colors, blue and red.

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