"Wushu" Kung Fu Uniform

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Official Daedo Kung Fu suit, ideal for beginners and more advanced users. The suit has lightweight so you can perform the movements without problems and without complications. Diesigned for Kung Fu "Wu-shu" We have sizes from 000 to 8, check your size.
From €28.10
Ideal suit for the practice of the original Kung Fu, it is composed of two basic pieces, one upper and one lower. You can accompany it with a belt of different colors to improve the support (See in suggested articles), Kung Fu suit made of easy to wash materials. We have sizes from 00 to 8, look for the size that best fits you, add it to your cart and it...

Kung fu is a terminology used in the West to refer to Chinese martial arts. The word kung fu is made up of "gōng" meaning "work" and "fu" expressing "man", the fusion of both words makes up the word "continuous work or effort".

The main basis of tai chi is softness: the practitioner should move in a natural, relaxed, loose and fluid way. When exercising taichi chuan there are no strength, speed or hardening exercises.

We have different costumes for the practice of Kung Fu, choose between traditional or "Wu-shu" style.

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