To complement your Taekwondo suit you will need to wear Taekwondo protections, as they are mandatory to avoid injuries in your training or competitions in this section you will find protections approved by the World Taekwondo, International Taekwondo Federation and not approved.

It will be of vital importance to wear the correct and adjusted protections to avoid injuring yourself or your partner, you will find different types of protections for different parts of the body.

Taekwondo shin guards are important to avoid blows from kicks, and go along with the forearms. The helmet is essential to avoid blows to the head, our helmets are available in different sizes and in two different colours: Red and blue.

We have more indispensable protections such as the mouth guard, it is vital to protect the teeth and jaw from any blow, the mouth guard for both men and women and the bib available in red and blue.

Homologated and non homologated protections.

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