DOBOK COMPETITION ULTRA WT  Dobok special for high competition approved by the World Taekwondo, consisting of a jacket with white collar and pants 100% polyester. Model approved by the World Taekwondo.  *Belt sold separately.


TA 20057
MODEL WT "ULTRA ll" DOBOK New 2022 dobok! Dobok is designed for great athletes and Taekwondo sportsmen. We offer better breathability for more agility in movements. 100% Polyester Model approved by the World Taekwondo.  *Belt sold separately
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THE COMPETITION UNIFORM Dobok composed of two pieces of handmade in our facilities, we have fabrics manufactured in Europe, where we customize according to your needs. Model approved by the World Taekwondo. *Belt sold separately
COMPETITION UNIFORM Introducing the new competition uniform by Daedo, handmade in our facilities using high-quality European fabrics. This two-piece uniform could be customized with your club's emblem, and it is designed to provide comfort and flexibility during training and competition. Our competition uniform has been approved by World Taekwondo and is...
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DOBOK ULTRA WT COMPETITION  Special dobok for World Taekwondo high competition. Our elite athletes like Lee Dae-Hoon and Irem Yaman trust Daedo Taekwondo dobok as their favorite brand for high competition bouts. In addition, if you have team Taekwondo competition Daedo also offers a range of doboks in blue or red color to give the highest level in your...
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COMPETITION MODEL WT Recommended for high competition. Made of ultra-lightweight new fabric that allows faster movements, with ultra-transpirable fabric in key areas for the elite athlete. Wide trousers with elastic waist.  Model approved by the World Taekwondo.  *The belt is sold separately
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