Karate mitt for official competitions. Without thumb guard. Comfortable and lightweight   Composition: PU outer layer, fillerd with molded foam  Color: Red & Blue Size: XS-XL
WKF Homologated Gloves If you are looking for protection material for your championships, you have come to the right place. At Daedo we have all the necessary protections, such as these gloves approved by the WKF, you have them in red and blue. Composition: PU outer layer, filled with molded foam  Color: Blue & Red Size: XS-XL
Shin guards for official competitions  Composition: Anatomically designed interior foam with PU outer layer Color: Blue & Red Size: XS-XL
Instep protector WKF We present our new model of instep protector, an official product approved by the WKF for competitions and training. Composition: leatherette, molded foam padding. Color: red and blue Size: XS -XL

Karate Gloves

PR 1597
Made of foam coated with an elastic, smooth texture Composition: Sponge and textile elastic Color: White Size: S-XL
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